Sunday, 4 December 2016

My Wargaming Week, 4th December 2016

Not much to report this week. I've had a cold so have not done any work in the garage to move the hill along. This is not a problem as I don't need it finished until mid March at the earliest.

Painting has been slow but I have now finished all of the grenadiers I will need for Bunker Hill:

The converged grenadier battalion of 10 under strength companies

The grenadiers of the 63rd and the 2nd Marines to form part of Pigott's flank company battalion:

I have also made progress with the light companies:

Three more to go and the converged battalion will be complete:

The latest addition is a company of 1st Marines. I have simplified the cap badge on these and painted the chain helmets dark red with white "chains". It's all a bit speculative but they look the part.

I do also have 3x six-figure light companies to paint up for Pigott's battalion.

I'm having next week off painting duties however to get some writing done for a magazine article. Then it will be back to the light companies to make way for the three line battalions who will arrive on Christmas morning...

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Breed's Hill (4)

Slow progress while each stage dries, but here is the current progress. Grass matting has been glued in patches to the hill. The parts between have received a couple of coats of a mix of fence paint, polyfilla, PVA and sand. This has also been used to blend-in the grass may patches.

This view is from behind rebel lines:

And here we look up the hill along the line of where the bread twirl will go:

Saturday, 12 November 2016

My Wargaming Week, 12th November 2016

This week I have continued with British grenadiers. The grenadiers of the 5th foot can join the converged grenadier battalion once their basing is finished:



I had a few experiments to get an acceptable "gosling green" but I think this will do OK. This is a mix of Vallejo dark yellow, Army Painter greenskin and a touch of light brown.

Also painted, and on individual bases are the grenadiers of the 35th in orange facings:

These facings are Vallejo orange-brown, highlighted by adding a little yellow.

I'm on call this weekend so progress might slow as it distracts my mojo. I have made progress on Breed's Hill with some textured paint but will report on that next week once it is more photogenic than the current wet, brown mound!

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Breed's Hill (3)

A little more progress on the hill this weekend. The structure has been covered in PVA and newspaper. I coloured the glue with some paint as this made it easier to see what I was doing. I've also put fine sand in the trenches for texture.

The redoubt is coming along. Basic structure was DAS clay which has now had a coating of chinchilla sand.

 And finally, the Crown forces for the battle so far. I'm currently working on more grenadiers and Christmas will bring figures for the remaining line infantry. I also need to refresh and expand the light infantry and artillery. I reckon I'm 50-60% of the way there. After that in 2017 will be more Minutemen as opposition and Indians for Lord Dunmore's War (1774).


My plan remains to expand my forces year by year between now and 2024 when I can then refight the whole AWI starting with its prelude at Point Pleasant (1774). By then the collection will be large!

Saturday, 5 November 2016

AWI British Marines

I have finished off my two battalions of marines for the OOB for Bunker Hill. These are Foundry figures with GMB flags. Marines didn't have buttonhole lace but as the facings are white anyway this doesn't show up too much on the finished figures. Flag finials and cords are from Front Rank.





Saturday, 29 October 2016

Breed's Hill (2)


After a few days away I was able to make some early morning progress on the hill. I have used Das air drying clay to strengthen the lower slopes and to fill in the trenches. You can't see much because the clay is white:


I then cut a piece of hardboard to the shape of the fortification; using newspaper to make the initial template:


...and have begun to build up the earth walks using more clay. This was a rapidly constructed fortification rather than one with lots of reinforcing timber so it will look a little "rough & ready".


I hope to build up the walls further tomorrow. These will eventually be covered with sand to add texture before painting.

The fortification is removable allowing me to use it elsewhere , to use alternative fortification on the hill or to cover the trenches with pieces of grass matting to use the hill in an unfortified state.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Breed's Hill (1)

Today the glue had dried on my first step towards a model of Breed's Hill.

I had glued an old 2'x2' terrain tile and two 1' square tiles to a piece of 3'x2' hardboard roughly trimmed into a rounded shape:

 Using an old bread knife I then cut the polystyrene to match th shape of the hardboard:


Then I marked out where the fortification would be (blue) and the ditch (purple):


Then more work with the bread knife to shape the contours of the hill. I used a box cutter and a screwdriver to carve out the ditches in front of the fortifications:


I think that is enough for today!